Green Burial at No Unsacred Place

Over at No Unsacred Place, I talk about green burial as a “best last gift”, endangered vultures in Asia, and how you can build houses out of cemeteries. From the post:

“I am decidedly agnostic when it comes to the idea of an afterlife of any sort. If there is one, great! The adventure continues. If there isn’t, though, then I would spend my last moment of awareness horrified if I felt I hadn’t made the most of this life. This includes the responsible disposition of my remains once I’m gone. I have no guarantee that there’s any life other than this one, but I know for sure that what I do in this moment can have reverberations in this world well beyond my own departure. I am not motivated by fear of a horrible punishment after I die. I am motivated by the care of the beings I share this life with right now. And I feel that the best last act I can do for this world is to responsibly return the resources I used to build my body back to their source once I’m done walking around in the flesh.”

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4 thoughts on “Green Burial at No Unsacred Place

  1. Just thought I’d comment here, being that I do not have an account at the other site:

    This was a rather refreshing look at the subject of funeraries and our “cultural views” of death and dying. It was actually the “church” that bored into the peoples’ minds the horrors about death and the dead. Our ancient Pagan Ancestors had a far more stoic view about the cycles of Life and Death; This being because they understood them to be part of the Natural Cycles of things.

    The biggest reason I can think of as to WHY our funerary arrangements and procedures are so regulated are because the funerary business is very BIG business. You have probably seen plenty of the price tags most funeral homes and other funerary business charge for their services. Just absolutely outrageous!

    I also just can not understand the reason to continue building more cemeteries that will be used to permanently tie up more large plots of land – of that green, grassy, over-chemical-ed lawn-type. THAT is a huge waste in my book!

    I seriously feel we DO need to rethink much about what we do and how we do it. Most of our problems of today have come about through the gradual over-commercialization of everything. It is just as bad as needing a “license” or a permit to do this, that, or anything else that should be considered a natural act of all of us. Perhaps, if we altered how and what we taught our children (and NOT from the failed public school systems either!) as responsible parents and elders, we could gradually shift back to those commonsense principles of consciousness and the Natural Law in the what and how we do things.

    The subject matter you bring to light here IS one of those few things we rarely have in regular discussion. Yet, as least attention as we may pay towards it, it STILL matters.

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! And yes, money is a HUGE factor in the whole industry. Why support home funerals when you can charge out the nose for funerary services? Why allow green burial that doesn’t involve lots of materials? Money talks. We need to talk louder.

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