Just One More Check-In With My Blog Followers Here At Therioshamanism

Hi, all,

So it’s been a month since I switched over to the new blogging platform at my website, A Sense of Natural Wonder. I wanted to make sure those of you who wanted to keep following my posts there were able to do so.

I’ve had some people tell me that they can still follow using their WordPress.com accounts. Anyone having any limitations there? For those for whom it works, would you mind describing briefly what you did since following a wordpress.org blog seems to work a little differently from a WordPress.com one?

Also, for those who prefer email subscriptions, if you go to any page at A Sense of Natural Wonder, there’s a simple subscription form on the right sidebar–just plug in your email address. (Assuming you’re not using the mobile version of the site, that is.)

And if you want to add my blog to an RSS feed, here’s the info.

I do hope you’ll keep reading my writing; I’ve enjoyed sharing my ideas here for the past six and a half years, and I’ve love to keep engaging with you through writing and comments and the like. Please let me know if I can help in that endeavor!


2 thoughts on “Just One More Check-In With My Blog Followers Here At Therioshamanism

  1. WordPress.com requires you to go into the Reader > Blogs I Like >Click EDIT > and then copy and paste the URL into the bar which says “Enter a blog URL to follow”. Then it shows up as an RSS feed, I believe, in your daily reader depending on when the blog in question updates, just like the other WordPress.com blogs (although not as attractive).

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