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Like so many other bloggers, I don’t want to put ads on this blog to generate revenue. That still leaves plenty of room for people who are inclined to throw money my way. Part of why I can write posts for this blog is because I am self-employed, and writing is part of that. Since I offer the writings on this blog for free, and there’s actually more content here than in all my books combined, here are some options in case you would like to support me financially, even a little bit (and, of course, many, many thanks for your support!):

–If you’ll note, I don’t have a Paypal donation button here, unlike some other bloggers. That’s because Paypal only intended that to be used for nonprofits. However, if you’d like to toss something into the tip jar my Paypal address is . Just make sure you add in a note letting me know what it’s for so I don’t get it mixed up with art and book orders.

Books: I have written several books on totemism, shamanism and related topics, and am included in a few anthologies as well. The best option for me, financially, is for you to buy the book from me directly; I get more than just the 10% royalty. However, I also understand that sometimes you have to budget, and sometimes secondhand sellers on Amazon have the books for much less than the cover price (and none of it goes to me the second time around).

Artwork: Since the 1990s I’ve been creating a variety of ritual tools, jewelry and other sacred art out of hides, bones, beads, and so forth. I’m self-taught, and my artwork is NOT Native American, just so’s you know. I’ve made thousands of pieces over the years, and I’ve put a lot of time into developing my designs, to include structural designs like the braided leather belt for tails, and my personal method of converting whole hides into dance costumes. I have a wide range of items and prices, and addition to my website I also have my artwork on my Etsy store.

Totem readings: I’ve been reading with the Ted Andrews Animal-Wise deck since it came out in 1999. I’ve done many, many readings both personally and professionally with a spread that the deck and I worked out together when I first brought it home.

Book me for workshops at your event/shop/etc. I don’t travel out of the Pacific Northwest very much any more, but if you can cover travel and whatnot I’m willing to go further abroad! Here are some of the workshops I offer.

–If you’re going to shop for books online, you can help me make a teensy bit of money through their referrals program. For Amazon, just start shopping through any of the “Want to buy this book?” links at Pagan Book Reviews, my other blog. It won’t make you buy that particular book, but it’ll add my referral code so that I get the referral credit for whatever you buy in that shopping trip. Or you can start directly at Powell’s home page through this link here which already has my referral code in the URL.

In addition to all this, word of mouth makes the world go ’round, so if you know anyone who may be interested in any of the above, or this blog in general, let them know!

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