Experimental Magic

I borrowed this term from my husband and fellow magician, Taylor. While it’s derived somewhat from chaos magic, experimental magic is focused particularly on taking magic in new directions and seeing how far it can be pushed and worked with. This has influenced me to be more adventurous in my path, and to allow myself to accept things that may be purely UPG, but which demonstrate a definite positive effect on me and the entities I work with. I do consider myself to be an experimental magician; while I don’t paradigm-hop as much as I used to, I do still like to explore new areas of familiar topics.

One thought on “Experimental Magic

  1. Whilst reading through your post, and thinking on the animal All-Father as well as your polytheistic views, including a matron Goddess, this perhaps steps a little bit further away from Wicca, and into a more Druidic perspective; The animal side being linked heavily to the Nature Spirits of the Kindred, and that interconnection between the shining ones and ancestors (of blood and spirit, even animal spirit) adds “perspective” into your life and worship.

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