One more thing…

One minor detail I forgot to add in the last post–I mentioned a fear of public singing. This was somewhat relieved as after I put Small Wolf on and before we began to dance, I sang the songs for both Wolf and Small Wolf. I’ve never sung them for anyone else; my husband can hear me upstairs, and as mentioned a couple people overheard me when I was singing and drumming Saturday afternoon. But this was the first time people were actually paying attention for the full thing.

I managed to get through without flubbing up any of the words–all that practice was good for that! Wolf and Small Wolf both seemed happy with the songs and my choice of timing. And, on a personal note, I was surprised that my voice came out as well as it did; I’ve never considered myself that great a singer (except as harmonic accompaniment). I also have a screwed up respiratory system thanks to a bad case of bronchitis in high school and numerous upper respiratory infections throughout my life, so my throat’s taken a bit of a beating. But I gotta say, I never sang so well as I did last night, and I’ve never been braver. Normally I screw something up, but this time, it went off without a hitch.

It’s a good sign.

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