Updates to FAQ

First off, I tweaked the FAQ. Mostly some minor changes and updates here and there, but also an update to the question How can I support your blogging efforts?

Second, I’m going to start writing some posts more tailored towards helping folks “play along at home”, as it were. Some of these will be more theoretical, reorganizing and condensing things I’ve written about sporadically here. Others will be more hands-on–I eventually want to have instructions for the various stages of the first six months and so forth. I don’t have a set date when these things will start appearing; just making a statement of intent.


One thought on “Updates to FAQ

  1. What a wonderful site you have created, and I commend your clarity about walking the path of the shaman.

    Sandra Ingerman, advises her students and teachers that in core shamanism working with the spirits establishing a strong relationship in non-ordinary reality with one’s compassionate helping spirits brings about the healing. Techniques don’t heal. She’s gone on to update her books and ‘change’ the work as spirit has directed her. And that is what I love about walking the path, connected to nature we are called to go with the flow, and trust.

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