Two Quick Things!

Today is my birthday, so I’m on minimal computer use today whilst I go to birthday-type things. However, I wanted to pass on a couple of neat things!

First–I am now one of two new staff writers over at No Unsacred Place! This is the wonderfully eco-centric branch of the Pagan Newswire Collective; you can find out more about the PNC’s mission here, and you can read the archives of No Unsacred Place here! I am very, very grateful to be added into the roster there; I will be linking to my posts from there over here on Therioshamanism, though there’ll still be other things posted here as well. Meanwhile, look for a post on ecopsych and paganism as my first contribution over there later this week.

Also, as if the above announcement wasn’t a great enough thing in and of itself, here’s an easy way to make my birthday not only happy, but AWESOME! Why yes, that is a flaming artichoke!

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