Shapeshifting as Connecting to the Other

Just a quick note as I am busy with writing and art and family and holidays and, and, and–you get the idea.

But I wanted to share my two latest posts over at No Unsacred Place:

Shapeshifting into Kin: Part One (the theoretical bit)

Shapeshifting into Kin: Part Two (the practical bit)

A brief excerpt:

There are many purposes for shapeshifting—celebration, drawing on the power of the being you’re changing into, learning to change yourself, etc. There are also many techniques, some stationary, others involving dance and other movement. This version of shapeshifting is quieter, and is primarily for the purpose of creating connection with, and fostering awareness of, other beings. It’s a way to begin healing the rift we as a species have created between us and the rest of the beings we share this world with. It requires a certain level of intimacy; you can’t become a being without having some empathy for it, and the world could certainly do with more empathy all around.

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