A Quick Pun Break

So this past Saturday I vended at the Mississippi Street Fair here in Portland. It’s a hell of a lot of fun, though since I was vending solo most of the day I didn’t really get to escape much. I did make a couple excursions for food, and on the way I passed the booth for Lonely Dinosaur, a local independent (made in the basement!) t-shirt company specializing in entertaining puns and other humor. One of their new ones caught my eye, and given my recent writings, I figured it was appropriate. So it became mine!

Forgive the wrinkles–I had to carry it home in a knapsack; I swear it was nice and neat when I got it! If you want one of your own, here you go! I highly recommend checking out the rest of their selection as well; very good quality shirts, and you get to support independent artists, too!

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