PNW Ritual Participants Wanted; Also, Free Workshops on YouTube!

Pacific Northwest pagans, listen up! I am facilitating the rituals at this year’s Sunfest (in Oregon, between Portland and the coast) in June; the theme is “Journey to the Sun”, and the main ritual this year will be a neoshamanic walking pathworking (think of the Alice in Wonderland ritual a few years back if you were there). I am looking for folks who want to be a part of this ritual through invocation and embodiment of the sacred nature beings attendees will be meeting along the way. This is the most elaborate group ritual I’ve ever facilitated, and I’d love to make it one of the best Sunfest has ever seen! Want to know more? Details at

Additionally, I’ve done a few free video workshops on various pagan topics over the past several weeks. The initial workshops are held live via my Livestream account (two sessions of each, allowing for different time slots so people have more flexibility in choosing a time that works for them). They’re then archived on my YouTube channel. So far I’ve covered Introduction to Animal Totems, Skin Spirits (working with the skins in hides, bones, and the like), and an animal totem guided meditation, and I also made separate videos of just the meditations themselves for those who want to use them for totemic work. The next round of workshops will be about the pagan publishing industry; here are the pertinent links to the Livestreams:

Saturday, March 9, 7pm – 8:30pm Pacific Standard Time

Sunday, march 10, 11am – 12:30pm Pacific Standard Time

And if there are any topics you’d like to see me do a workshop on, just let me know! In the meantime, I’ve got a full roster at PantheaCon this weekend, and I’ll be presenting workshops AND vending at FaerieCon West the following weekend. (You can see other places I’ll be on my calendar.)


3 thoughts on “PNW Ritual Participants Wanted; Also, Free Workshops on YouTube!

  1. I’ve been watching your workshops on Youtube the past few days. I’d like to see you cover non-traditional totems, like you do in your books (i.e. not going into a meditation expecting a bear and ignoring a squirrel). Also, I noticed you spend 20+ minutes in each video re-reviewing who you are and what you do; while I understand the need for some kind of introduction, I’d like to see you find a concise way to essentially say “I’m Lupa, watch my other videos if you’re new” in a nice way. I ended up skipping forward in 2 minute increments until I found where you started talking about the workshop’s intended topic. Regardless, I love them and appreciate them!

  2. Wow, an Alice in Wonderland ritual? Was that something you put together, Lupa? The Alice stories have always been a very powerful narrative for me. Would love to know more about how it was done, if you have the time or inclination to share. =-) – kristilee

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