Some Recent Writings of Mine From No Unsacred Place

If you aren’t a reader of No Unsacred Place, for which I am both writer and admin, you may have missed my most recent writings there. Here’s a summary with relevant links:

I Carry the Ocean In My Blood – Water reminds me of my evolutionary history; here’s where I trace that ancestry.

The Art of Taking as an Offering– We often think of offerings as something you give–but how do you take an offering away?

A Call to Hope – Why guilt isn’t good for us, especially in our relationships with the rest of nature.

Return of the Green Shopping List: Stuff You Don’t Need Edition – Here are a few things you can cut out of your shopping list (and save both the earth and some money!)

Being a Part of Something Bigger Than Ourselves – I continue to explore my path as a naturalistic pagan , and why connection is at the heart of my spirituality.

Forest Fire Dreams and Nightmare Tornadoes – I don’t talk about my dreams much, but these two motifs of my bad dreams were worth mentioning.

Saving Our Water – This is a discussion of some simple ways to cut down on household water use.

A Call for Urban Greening – We shouldn’t abandon our cities. We should green them!

United Watersheds of America? – A brief piece on a potential redrawing of U.S. state lines based on watersheds.

Inspired by David Douglas – My most recent piece, part musing and part book review, discusses the kinship I feel with this early naturalist and his enthusiasm for the world around him.

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