Small Badger’s Song

Tonight I put the finishing touches on Small Badger’s song (Small Badger, of course, being my badger skin). I wasn’t happy with some of the lyrics, so I asked him if he minded me tweaking them. He said just so long as I said good things about him, he didn’t care. So I made my tweaks and was happy. He seemed quite happy with it as well, but I was boasting about him.

Small Badger does like to brag. However, it’s for good reason–he’s got a lot going for him! He’s a good teacher of healthy boasting, of being honestly proud of one’s accomplishments but without being a jerk about it. Too often in this society we’re told not to brag because it makes us look self-centered. Unfortunately this sort of stifling can lead to A) not talking about ourselves at all, or B) seeking too much attention (and thereby reassurance). Being able to speak of one’s strengths is vital in most things dealing with prosperity, which is the area where Small Badger and Badger have been of the most help to me. Whether it’s showing off one’s best skills in a job interview, or demonstrating responsibility in signing a mortgage, there are times where bragging rights come in handy.

I also worked on the drum rhythm for Badger (the totem). No words yet, but s/he definitely showed interest (and, not surprisingly, asked for sushi–or, to be more specific, sashimi. It’s become hir offering of choice.) So tomorrow I’ll probably work on the lyrics.

3 thoughts on “Small Badger’s Song

  1. Hm, seems to me like I need to work with Badger then – I am trying to get a handle on self-promotion and finding help to get past that “don’t brag, makes you self-centered” stuff I got as a child.

    I can’t tout my work to save my life, and it holds me back, and I accept that. Time to change it.

    Also – not related to this post – but I’m in search of some nice effigies of farm animals (cow, pig, chicken, duck, etc) to start my own work with Food Totems (and hope I can add some sea food critters to it, since I do enjoy shellfish). Hoping that it might help my connection to them, since they aren’t really talkative (as you’ve discovered).

  2. Tracie–Effigies would help–honestly, even toys can be useful; my Pig effigy is a little rubber toy about an inch long. However, for actually connecting, a good time to do so is at mealtime; connect with the spirits of everything you’re about to eat, and then as you eat feel yourself becoming what you’re consuming. This awareness can help smooth the way for you talking to the food totems.

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